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past SHOWS

​​​August 30, 2019  7:30pm

Blarney Island, Antioch

September 7, 2019  8:30pm

Docks, Wauconda


Up neXT

August 10, 2019  8:30pm
Ale House, Arlington Hts

​July 13, 2019  6:00pm
Niko's Red Mill, Woodstock
July 4, 2019  5:00pm
Spring Grove 4th of July

June 15, 2019 
DressUp&Dance, Mundelein
June 19, 2019
Private Corporate Event

May 18, 2019   
Danny's Pub, Naperville

​​​May 4, 2019
Docks, Wauconda

April 20, 2019 
Wooden Nickel, Highwood

March 23, 2019  
Ale House, Arlington Hts

March 1, 2019
Peggy Kinnane's, Arl'ton Hts

​February 2, 2019
Brat Stop, Kenosha WI

January 26, 2019

Sammy's Bar&Grill, Huntley
September 12, 2017

Oktoberfest, Marengo

​​​October 8, 2016
Austin's Fuel Room, Libertyville

FlashDrive is a super-fun and talented 7-member cover band based out of Mundelein, IL that plays Top 40 rock, pop. funk, alternative, and modern country hits. We get out with the crowd like no other band around!

Members are Angela (vocals), Jess (vocals), David (vocals, guitar), John (vocals, guitar), Bob (vocals, keyboards, saxophone), Jerry (vocals, bass guitar), and JT (drums).

FlashDrive prides itself on having decades of live performance experience and plays songs true to the spirit of the original recordings ... because that's what audiences expect from a cover band!